So you keep seeing all these amazing before and after transformation pictures of microblading on social media, and now you’ve come to realize that this is something you want for yourself. But don’t just jump on the train before doing some research. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about this fascinating technique.

It’s not for everyone!

The art of microblading is not perfect, that’s why it’s not named a science.. Your skin needs to be a certain way for the treatment to heal to a nice crisp and resemble brow hair. The best skin types for microblading are normal to dry, and if you have freckles that’s a plus. If you have really oily skin, the healed results will look dull and it will not last very long (if it stays at all) 

But if this is you, don’t worry there is still a solution. Have you ever heard of micropigmentation? Also known as powdered brows, this technique will look like you have makeup on your brows, and it actually looks really good. If you have really oily skin, micropigmentation will save you the time and hustle of penciling your brows in every day just so that as soon as you step outside it gets ruined with Miami’s weather.    

Another reason why you might not be a candidate for microblading is your health. If you’ve had problems healing wounds in the past you might want to think twice. Yes, microblading is a very gentle way to deposit pigment into your skin, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we are making little scratches to your skin. And if you have trouble healing, the downtime can be a little problematic. The most common factors that affect your healing are diabetes, some medications, auto-immune deficiencies, prone to keloid, alcohol consumption, smoking and nutrition.  

You have to plan ahead.

Say that you are a candidate, you have the perfect skin and no health conditions that might affect your healing. But you still have to plan ahead, because chances are that your skin needs to be prepared for this procedure. 

~If you have had botox or fillers injections, you should wait about a couple of months or until your skin has reached full results. This is because it might change the symmetry of your brows. 

~Irritated skin or damaged by the sun, you should wait until it’s completely restored.

~Accutane within the last year will also affect results.

~Severe acne should be cleared.

~Use of Retinol or Retin/A should be stopped two weeks before.

~You can’t be pregnant or lactating.

Price is very important.

Don’t settle for the cheap microblading in Miami. This is something you might need to save and wait for, but it will save you money in the long run. Invest in someone that invests in her products. Quality pigments, materials and education are not cheap, so the cost your microblading artist sets is directly correlated to her expertise and products.

You are the one who decides how much your brows are worth, but let me tell you something, this is your face, and tattoo removals and corrections are very expensive.

Ask for pictures.

Ok, that sounds obvious, but you need to make sure that the pictures you’re seeing were done by the same artist. Fresh microblading, when done right looks good on almost everyone, but you have to ask for healed results. That’s where you know if this is a good artist. Pictures of healed microblading should look clear, the hair strokes should be isolated from each other and most importantly, they should be thin to resemble hair. If they look very thick and blurry, they most likely cut too deep and that pigment is going to take a while to disappear. 

Your brows won’t look identical.

In case you haven’t noticed, both sides of our face are not identical. If you look at someone from their right side and compare to the left side, you will notice some contrast. So even if both eyebrows have exactly the same measurements, thickness and angles, they will still look slightly different just because our eyes are not always perfectly distanced in accordance with our nose, and some of our bone’s shapes are also slightly different. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they’ll be completely unsymmetrical, they will just fit your face naturally 

And there you have it. Now you should be more prepared to finally get your brows done. Don’t be scared, all of this information is for you to not have false expectations. Always consult your artist and make sure you understand the procedure.


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