You’ve probably been hearing about this procedure for a while, you might even know someone that got it done, but what exactly is it? Is it a tattoo? How does it work? And why is everyone talking about it? Here i’m going to explain everything you should know.

Microblading is considered a form of tattooing by most people and health departments, but it’s actually more than that. Compared to a tattoo, Microblading is done manually and not with a machine, it stays on the surface of your skin, it’s not permanent, and it looks much nicer. 

The ultimate goal of Microblading is to create strokes that resemble hair, and if you try doing that with a tattoo machine, you’ll end up having ugly, thick lines.

This is not microblading, and the worst thing about it is that woman are going to tattoo parlors asking for microblading and they end up getting this because they’re not well informed and it’s cheaper. 

When done manually and right, you should not even be able to tell the difference between your own brow hairs and Microblading.

Another difference between tattoos and microblading is the ink or pigment. The pigment used for Microblading tends to fade over time, because of the ingredients in it and because very small amount of pigment is deposited in the skin compared to traditional tattoos. If you have tattoos on your body you have probably noticed that over time they change color, but with Microblading it will just get lighter.

Microblading is also not as painful as an actual tattoo. Most girls are scared of getting it done because they are scared of the pain and I’ve even heard people complain that when they did it, it hurt a lot. But actually, I’m proud to say that most of my clients report little to no pain at all, some of them even fall asleep while I work on them! When the right techniques and numbing creams are used, the client should feel completely comfortable.


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