Everyone in the beauty industry wants to learn to do Microblading because they see how it can be a lucrative business. And I don’t blame them, I was one of them once and I understand wanting to grow into the niche. If you are interested in learning and mastering this technique, follow these tips to ensure you are set for success.

Find an artist that does really great work:

A lot of artist wouldn’t mind giving advice. I have personally helped a lot of people with questions and doubts about the industry. So don’t be scared of reaching out and hear their point of view in the topic. I know that some of them wouldn’t want to help you because they might see you as a threat of future competition, but the ones that are doing good within the industry are confident in their work, and those are the ones you should be listening to.

I have actually created this free online course for those who are interested in learning what microblading is about.

Don’t be scared of investing:

I know that starting from scratch can be overwhelming. I went through that also and trust me, I feel you. The first block I encountered was money. All courses that I was interested in were very expensive, and they would only do like a one or two day training and bye bye. The cheaper ones  just looked like a joke and they didn’t seem convincing enough.

So yeah, it’s a big investment, but you have to really make sure you’re learning from a valuable source. The good thing is, that you can easily make the money back with a few clients. Soon you will be multiplying what you invested.

Don’t start charging until you are confident about your skills:

The idea of giving away free services might not be very appealing, but you have to start somewhere. Remember that most clients will ask for pictures of your work. If you have only 2 or 3 they might not be convinced. I recommend doing free microblading to your friends and family or maybe old clients that trust you enough to let you do it. But I don’t recommend charging because I don’t think it would be professional, and if you do then it should be very little and let your client know how much experience you have. Never convince or lie to anyone. Once you do a really nice one, that’s when you’ll know you’re ready.

What to charge:

Price ranges from town to town and state to state. Miami is a city packed with beauticians, so there is a lot of competition. Here are two easy formulas to figure out how much you should be charging:

Find the lowest and the highest prices in your city. (Microblading in Miami ranges from $150 to $700)

The midpoint for these two is about $300 to $400.

Find out what around 5 to 10 of your competitors are charging. Add all the prices together and divide them by the total of prices.

Ex: $400+$375+$250+$600+$150+$300= $2,075

$2,075 / 6

= $346

The average price would be $346

This is the price you should be charging per session once you really know what you are doing and you want to charge an average price. Once you gain more experience you can start raising your price slowly until you feel you’re earning what you deserve. These are formulated for Miami or south Florida, but it’s easy to find out in other cities.

Don’t be scared of competition:

I know it can be hard seeing how many successful artists there are out there. Wouldn’t we run out of clients? That’s what I used to think. But if there are so many artists, that means that there is a demand for the service. So you have to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. And honestly, it’s really not so hard. I have seen a lot of “artists” that are not really doing good work, but clients seem to like them because they have very low prices, which for the most part means low quality. Remember you don’t want to be one of those, there are way too many of them and you won’t stand out like that. In the future, those clients that spent the least possible in brows, end up paying the max to get them fixed in the future.

No you can’t work from home. (At least not in Florida)

The name of the game is “If you’re getting paid, its illegal”. I only worked on a couple of friends at home, but have in mind that those were only for practice, one of them was my grandmother and also 2 really good friends. There was no Consent Form, there were no transactions, it was done for the sole purpose of getting some practice. According to the Florida Statutes, you can not work from home or anywhere where people sleep.

I suggest working from a beauty spa or rent out your own little space in a beauty mall (or you can start your own business when you’re ready) I don’t recommend working in the same place where hair and nails are being done since the chemicals might affect your work.


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