Ok, so if you read my last blog about “Things you probably didn’t know about microblading”, you might not have liked finding out that it’s not for everyone, you have to plan ahead, it’s not a cheap treatment and your brows won’t look 100% identical. But microblading is still such an awesome trend that after all, it still beats brow tinting, pencil, and powder, especially in Miami’s hot and humid weather.

Microblading is nothing like the old school brow tattoo that you might have seen. This won’t look like those solid sharpie brows, as a matter of fact, you can’t even tell the difference from your real brow hairs and the microblading. That’s what makes it looks so natural.

It’s not permanent. This is a good and a bad thing at the same time. The way this works is by applying pigment to the superficial layer of your skin, so as time goes by, your skin will regenerate more and more, making the color get lighter. Everybody’s skin and metabolism is different, but it should last about six month to a year, maybe even two. But you should get it retouch before it fades completely. So even if microblading didn’t work for you, you could just wait for it to disappear and your eyebrows will be back to normal.

The only true waterproof eyebrows you could have. It’s Miami, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates having smudged makeup as soon as I step outside my home. Should I even remind you about going to the beach or working out? I think you know what I mean…. Living in Miami’s weather I’ve learned that the less I have on my face the better. That’s why semi permanent makeup in general is so awesome. If you get your brows microbladed, your lips blushed, and your lashes enhanced, all you have to do in the morning is apply SPF and you’re good to go. Who wouldn’t love that?

Getting your brows microbladed, or micropigmented (the powder effect) will save you a lot of time getting ready. Trying to get them to even look the same is a mission, so not having to worry about your forehead in the morning sounds like a big plus. Even if you still need to apply a little bit of makeup on your brows, at least you already have the shape figured out and all you have to do is go over your existing design.


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