There is certain information that I always talk to my clients about during their Microblading appointment. I tell them everything they should know and expect for the new few days. But for some reason clients are too distracted/nervous to pay attention and they end up freaking out later on. So here is what you are to expect after your session

Day 1.

Your brows will look great! Depending on how big or mall the change is, you might think it’s a little dark but for the most part you like your new brows, you just need to adjust a little bit. Remember you might have gone many years with sparse, thin or small brows, so going from that to great brows might feel shocking at first. Also remember that the color will lighten up and what really matters here is the healed results.

Day 2-4

Now your brows look darker and thicker. This is also completely normal. What you are seeing is the dried up pigment and a bit of blood. If you follow the proper after care you should’t get a big scab, only a very thin protective film, but it’s still noticeable and dark. During this step it’s crucial that you don’t try to make then lighter and that you are patient. They WILL get lighter.

Day 5-7

Now is the fun part (not really) Naturally the film is starting to come off and when that happens, the contrast in between your skin and the scab is very very noticeable. So now your brows look patchy and uneven. Don’t even bother calling your artist at this point, they wont be able to work on it until you are fully healed, so now you stay patient and wait.

Day 8-10

If you thought day 5-7 were fun wait till around day 9. All the scabs or film should have come off by now and your brows probably look like they fell off. This happens because your skin is still very sensitive and thin, and the pigment hasn’t fully come out to the surface where it belongs. But hey, at least they don’t look so patchy anymore

Day 14- 28

Ok, not too bad. The color is slowly coming back and now your brows are almost fully healed. If they still look a little bit uneven you can call your artist and schedule a touch up appointment. But remember, touch ups are not always a requirement. If you are happy with your brows I suggest you leave them alone and only go for a touch up if you actually need it.

I also made this funny video showing both sides of the story. I hope you find it funny and useful


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