And the answer is short and simple: It’s NOT!!!

Really, I’ll type that again. Microblading is NOT expensive!!!

Think about it. You call that artist you’ve been stalking on instagram for a while to ask for info and pricing, then she says her regular price is $450 (an average). Then you disappointedly hang up the phone thinking: That’s way too much money, I guess Microblading is not for me.

But now lets actually think and look into the issue.

The average woman gets a mani and pedi every two weeks, and the average cost for both is around $32.25.                        That adds up to $1345 a year, and we are not even counting hair, waxing or any other maintenance services most woman get.

Studies actually have found that the average woman also spends around $3700 a year in their appearance only!

So yeah, if you really do the math you will get to the conclusion that Microblading and pretty much any kind of semi-permanent makeup is the most affordable procedure you can get. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to get it done every week or month, you go for annual touch ups and that’s it.

The only way I would agree that Microblading is expensive is if you are the kind of person that spends less than $10 a month in your appearance. Otherwise, I assure you that you can save the money for this treatment in only a few months if you just cut down on any of those services that would only last you a few days or weeks.

I suggest that you look at the investment in the long run, and to never be drawn by the low prices.Remember, you get what you pay for.


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